Nana’s House

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Two whole posts in a day!!!

After all of our adventures out and about this girl was ready for a REAL tea party with Nana’s china.

She takes sugar and milk in her tea.

We didn’t have enough good weather to make it to the real beach so we explored the marsh under the dock.

We found wee tiny fiddler crabs.

and wee-er tiny-er fiddler crabs

There is a little piece of beach here

And a perfect sunset

See ya later Charleston

Charleston Continued…

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Following our return home I worked 5 out of 6 days and wasn’t in the mood for facebook or blogs or anything so here is part 2 of our Charleston trip.

After a comment on a facebook pic I found out that there is a Children’s Museum in Charleston.  Nifty!!!!

There was a room that was filled with a giant water table

WHY don’t I have more pictures of this ?!?!?!?! There was cloud thingy that rained, and a water race course for tiny canoes that you could change with magnetic rocks, and locks, and a lake and dam.

One wall was for water painting.  I tried to explain this to Alyssa and she looked at me, then looked at the water cup in her hand, then tossed the water at the wall.  I guess she’s into modern art.

Speaking of modern art, they also enjoyed the art room.

Now this is a cool idea.  Its a block of wood with the marker caps permanently affixed to it.

Alyssa painting circles.

And rocks

And Katie painting everything else

Takes two

Very serious business this art stuff

There was a boat to steer here too

And a dolphin to ride

Ok now we come to my favorite part.  This is a tiny little grocery store with wee little carts and a “real” checkout.  Items with scan tags would really scan and ring up.  Cute!!!!  Mostly the girls were interested in loading and unloading the carts.

Check out all the plastic produce.

I was also impressed with the food pyramid sorting table there but ..ummm… I think I was the only one

Brought to you by Nana

There was also a room with a tree house slide, a room that was a medieval dining hall, and a safe soft squishy room for the toddlers to roam around un-trampled.

This is definitely on our list of places to go again!