Porch Kittehs

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I live  in a neighborhood that is just country enough for people to feel comfortable ditching their animals here.

So this story starts back in maybe October 2008, when I came home to discover a deceased kitten on my sidewalk.  After freaking TOTALLY out for several minutes I discovered that I…well my car, in fact, was the cause of the kitten’s demise.   That day had seriously sucked already and Scott was in Florida on business. So my preggo self ended up burying a kitten in the back yard trying to prevent Alyssa from figuring out what I was doing.

Apparently, someone had dumped a lovely calico who had taken up residence with a rather stupid looking (his eyes are too close together) gray cat under my house and they produced 2 kittens.  I’ve spent the last several months trying to catch the remaining kitten.  The mama calico I only even laid eyes on twice and it has been quite a while.  Papa cat, in his defense, stayed around for some time but has been notably absent lately.  Other visitors to the porch include an orange cat as well as a giant fluffy black cat that Scott and I refer to basement cat.  We already own one cat, a stray we took in when we moved in, who is a fixed indoor cat and at times seems like one cat too many already.  Anyway, survivor kitty is just friendly enough to come up and speak but not let us pet or catch her.  For the past several weeks I’d seen less of her and she was looking pretty bad …then I realized… the poor thing has had kittens!  She is just a kitten herself, not even a year old!  I started keeping my eyes out for kittens.

So today I was in the yard in a short lived attempt to play in the sprinkler with Alyssa.  It was too hot and she was scared of the sprinkler.  I saw the big orange cat flouncing across the yard and noticed he started acting weird when he reached the steps. I looked past him and there they were 3 kittens under the front steps.  In an attempt to break the cycle I scooped them into a box and called Animal Control who will pick up stray cats if you have caught them.  While waiting for the officer I found a 4th kitten under the lattice of the porch and I hope that is all.  Mama porch cat appeared at the same time the officer did, so I put some food down so he could snag her too.   Despite the hook she kept coming to the food so he managed to catch her.
So please spay and neuter your pets folks and don’t dump them in my neighborhood anymore…plskthnks!

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