I don’t run unless something is chasing me

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This is what I’ve always said. I’ve always thought that maybe I just wasn’t built for running. I can walk for days but running …two steps and I’m done. A challenge has been posted at my favorite forum to try a Couch to 5k program so, in spite of the 100 degree in the shade weather we are having, I am going to give it a shot starting next week, August 2nd.

What prompts this you say? Well maybe its time to stop making baby weight excuses or maybe is because vacation eating was WAY too good this year (I’ve got a new “this is not health food” post forthcoming)

So why delay a week? Well first of all thats when the blog challenge starts and second Scott is gone for work part of this week

I will be following this program from CoolRunning.com with podcasts for my ipod. Since we are so close to the park

Here is the blog I’m following.

oh and one more thing

hopefully I can make some progress

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