Another First Birthday

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AMAZING! We celebrated Katie’s first birthday along with her little cousin-in-law and birthday buddy little miss Ry. We rented a room at the local recreation center which was a fantastic idea. The theme was butterflies. I had a cake made instead of making my own this year but made cupcake in case anyone needed a chocolate option. Refreshments were simple, just chips and punch in addition to the cake but everyone seemed to have a good time.

It was in that dreaded 2pm time slot so the birthday girl arrived still sleeping.

This little cake just for Katie was used the day before for her birthday portraits but she was so dainty with it that I just propped a pinwheel against the side to hide the smushed spot.

I had planned to make more of the decorations but decided to save my energy for other things.  I did make the crown using this tutorial.

And of course a hand made birthday dress. I was sure I had the Oliver + S bubble dress pattern so I waited until the last minute to start putting it together. Well in all of my foresight I bought the 2T and up pattern last year rather than the NB-24 month pattern. I didn’t feel like attempting to size down either so I started hunting through my patterns and came across the issue of Stitch Magazine I had just purchased which happened to include an O+S shirt pattern that went as small as 18 mos. It would do just fine for a almost dress length top with a tutu skirt.

A really neat thing about this pattern is that these ruffles are cut on the bias and are really intended to be left raw making this extremely fast and easy to put together. I, however, have this small ric rac obsession so I used my edge stitcher attachement and Featherweight to add a ric rac trim. It made a sort of picot effect on the edge.

And yeah … about that tutu skirt… well after pulling out the nylon chiffon heap AGAIN and getting a little spinny in the head looking at it I went to Target.

And coming sooner or later (probably later) some back-blogging.  I have all sorts of pics to accompany currently imaginary posts.  :)

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