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ummmm ok I’m still figuring this thing out so if anyone is actually reading this thing bear with me please :)

Spring in Hopeland Gardens

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I love this garden and can’t believe how long it had been since my last trip there.  It is a wonderful setting for photographs.  My sister and I had our wedding portraits taken here and many shots taken for my photography classes in college were done here.  Some of these are by me and some by my sister.

I didn’t make the babe’s dress for this one.  It’s Gymboree and to be honest I didn’t like it at all when I pulled it out of the box.  It grew on me until I decided to actually put it on her and I think it turned out very cute.  It is by wild chance that she let me put a bow in her hair.  Most days she won’t even let me brush it!

The little pond is full of silvery little fish and a few gigantic …well…. monster somethings fish.  Maybe they are some kind of carp.  I tried to get a picture but they flashed away too quickly.  Although who really wants to look at carp?  How about this instead.

Sometimes I get used to looking at her and forget how tiny she is

Something very Alice in Wonderland about this I think

Kissin’ baby sister

I hate to just shove this here at the bottom but if you need a comfy way to carry your baby or toddler this is a mei tai made by Silly Goose Baby.  It is so very comfortable even being so pregnant.  This one was made as a custom project from Alexander Henry’s Tillbrook Sprites line of fabric.

The Pumpkin Princess

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All hail!


And the fairy dragon

Ok so who dresses up thier precious little girl as a dragon?!?!  Well it’s just that somehow when she was learing animal sounds (you know….”what does the cow say?”  MOOOO) somehow “what does the dragon say?” got thrown in there.  So you say “Alyssa … what does the DRAGON say?”  and she says “grrrrrrrrr” deep in her throat with her little nose scrunched up.  So I had to make a dragon costume.  She sort of hated it …oh well.

Oh yeah and the cousin is cute too!

I went to SAFF without a camera …

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What is SAFF you ask?  Well check out the info here but its the Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival, which takes place near Asheville, NC.  Now that I’m not working every.weekend.of.my.life I decided to make a day trip of it.  Scott declined the invitation to go with me, instead volunteering (VOLUNTEERING I SAY) to keep the babe… a declaration which he tried to recant at about 6am the morning of … no such luck babe, sorry.

I had great ideas to blog this on my return but found when I hit the “gone too far to turn back” point that my camera was at home tucked safely in my laptop bag.  An attempt to take a picture with my phone resulted in my phone near loosing its mind. I mean really…who wants to read a blog with no pictures.  humph

So there were alpacas and bunnies and llamas there and if there were sheep or goats I didn’t see them.  I have decided that my sister needs to forget about horses and start an alpaca farm.  They are so cute AND they produce a crop!   Other than the animals there was a building full of vendors offering every imaginable yarn and fiber product.  I caved to peer pressure and bought a drop spindle and some pinkish/blueish/reddish roving in a wool tencel blend.

I also found red and black sock yarn, 2 bargain bin sock yarns one in  green and one pink, and a big skein of homespun in pink to be made into a hat for the babe.  At that point for the sake of actually paying my bills this month I had to stop.

Before returning home I made a side journey to the Asheville Farmer’s Market, open year round, where I found local muskadines,  apples from Easley, SC, candied pecans, and sausage made from ingredients you can acutally pronounce.

It was a heck of a day trip.  Next year maybe we can make a weekend of it.  Look out llamas …next year I’m taking your picture!!

Hello blog…

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I have been fiddling around with this thing since Thanksgiving so I suppose I might as well go ahead and jump in with a post. I am still figuring it all out so kindly bear with the construction.

So here is about me: I am a RN with a husband, 6 month old daughter, and a cat small fur person that lets us live in his house. I have too many hobbies and interests to make this a blog about any one thing really. Currently knitting is topping the pile, with a close second of costume sewing. The sewing is unfortunately at a standstill though due to my sewing machine being in the shop. This is unfortunate because I was hoping to make some extra $$ by sewing play clothes for children.

One thing that will join the competition for my attention in the near future is going to be a vegetable garden. When I was growing up we had a garden most years, and I had my own little plot until I started nursing school in 2004. Now that I am all graduated I’m looking out at my poor little raised beds, which look rather like neglected grave sites at the moment, and thinking of the spring.

And now I’m off to figure out the rest of these settings and maybe start knitting a sock!