New Life for a Bentwood Rocker

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So this is an effort to post here more regularly.  Facebook makes for a lazy blogger.

Anyway, we moved back around Christmas and the temporary occupants of this property just before us were, lets just say, less than fantastic people.  Besides smoking in the house making one bedroom unlivable for months they left this eyesore in the yard.

We discovered it had belonged to one of the occupants grandmother or something like that, and that she was pretty sad that it had been left out for ruin.  There was nothing I could do for it to make it a functional rocker again and I was contemplating leaving it by the curb.  But then I started my garden project and thought that it might still be useful for something.

I have a pretty cool husband.  I mentioned I might like some tools of my own and he came home with these.

I decided against the suggestion of my brother in law who suggested I make short work of it with a sawsall.  I went for the more difficult ahem dignified route and took the rusted screws out.

This took much longer than I thought it would

Now the rockers will be a trellis for cucumbers on the right and peas on the left.

I’ve stolen borrowed the twirling thingamijig there from Alyssa to deter birds.  Now I need to make a trip to the Habitat for Humanity Resale shop to see if I can find something interesting for the tomatoes to climb on.  With such cool trellises for the peas and cucumber we can’t have boring old tomato cages.

oh yeah and we can’t have a post without a cute baby so..