Because I need another project….

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….like a hole in my head!

I always said I’d take up quilting when I retired. Well chalk it up to too much time spent browsing great and inspiring projects online. I’ve got a few projects in the works now. I’ll be posting them as I complete them.

Don’t you need a new project too? Get some inspiration by checking out the blogs of some great fabric designers. Lila Tueller is having a fabric giveaway of her latest line. Check it out and enter!
Lila Tueller Designs Blog

Finally on Facebook

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For when I ever manage get the business back together.

Pixie Playhouse on Facebook

Today we might have summer

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This is how it goes with South Carolina weather.  It can be a bit undecided this time of year.  We had some summer last week with a touch of winter over the weekend and the first part of this week.  I think it might be spring today.  It reminds me of an animated movie I watched when I was little where the bird said “Autumn!!” and suddenly the season changed.

So with the momentary onset of summer I decided that it was time to break out the pansies and dirt and a little bit of summer sewing.

First of all the dirt

And now the heat has melted us

But we have flower boxes!

This is a project that I started last year.  I finally talked my serger into working properly so I could finish it.  YAY for rolled hems!!!

SWING!!!! If someone would stand and push her in the swing 24/7 I think she’d stay there.

Next time …spring in Hopeland Gardens!

Ahem…. so it’s been a while…

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But I’ve got a big work in progress!
Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

And a quick peek back at this winter’s projects

These cuffs took entirely too long to finish!   She actually loves them though and even insisted on wearing them before I had a chance to weave the ends in.

And this set could have been for Christmas but it took me too long to finish so it was for Valentine’s day instead!

She’s so cute with her wee hat!

And finally… remember back to SAFF? Here is the handspun worked up into Alyssa’s winter hat!

Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!!

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I started writing this post back in MAY and due to a demanding 11 month old and an even crankier web host, here it sits, weeks later.

Rock ‘n’ Roll is the theme for June at The Whole Shebang so I thought that tie-dye would be just the thing!! Now the Rit-and-rubber-bands method from high school was just not going to cut it though, so after Googling for some ideas here is what I came up with.

First off is a guitar tie dyed lap tee with matching board shorts in Kona Cotton and Michael Miller’s Groovy Gutiars.
This is a 12 month set with appliquéd jeans to match the tee.
The ultimate achievement in tie dye …the peace sign!!! This was actually tied and dyed and not sewn, stenciled, painted, or droppered. And you thought you’d never use geometry in real life!

Pretty nifty huh? Its not as hard as it looks too. I’ll just say that amazing things can happen when you follow the directions, an ability which I do not normally possess.

Also in this series is a little peekaboo back sundress made in Groovy Guitars print with a guitar appliqué.

This though is the coolest thing. I thought I had an original idea but no, its all over the net. Here is my version of record cuffs! These are made from football shaped pieces of old, scratched, uncool vinyl LPs. They are painted with a plastic compatible spray paint then sealed for durability. I love them!

This one features the Art is Resistance flag designed by Trent Reznor check this out to learn more

Rock star
a back view

Anyway … there is plenty left in stock so happy shopping. Look for a beach party at the Pixie Playhouse coming in July!

Under the Sea!

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I stocked playsilks and a few crayon rolls back at the beginning of May but haven’t had the time to post them here yet. I’m pretty proud of these playsilks so if no one wants them it wont be hard to keep them!

Here they are!

This is a set of mini silks dyed with a low water immersion technique. They can represent pirate treasure or just about anything you can imagine. They are the perfect size for peekaboo with baby too!

This one is huge! Its a tent, a costume, or a wrap skirt all in one!


A tropical sky surrounds the sun or the tropical sea surrounds a desert island in the 21″ square silk.

Now this is a fun idea … a crayon roll!!! This is something I would have loved to have when I was a kid. Coming soon, just in time for summer vacations will be more crayon rolls and travel busy kits!
This one comes in blue as well. I just HAD to title it “Fins to the Left”!

And finally now the Hyena Cart will be stocked with theme items and general items and unsold theme items will be moved over to the Etsy shop. Check it out!

Coming in June… ROCK ‘n’ ROLL!!!! The Whole SHEbang congo will be listing some nifty stuff with a rock n roll theme so keep an eye out here The Whole Shebang

I also have a myspace dedicated to the Pixie Playhouse so see what you think and maybe even add me to your friends.

The Pixie Playhouse on Myspace

Creations for the Pixie Playhouse shop

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Well I am finally ready to roll with this Hyena Cart thing so here are new pictures of the current items!

When I was a little girl I LOVED skirts that twirled. This baffled my mother I think because she was more of a jeans and sneakers type who only played with Barbies because you could bend their legs and put them on Breyers plastic horses. I also insisted that the seam of my socks be placed inside out and exactly across the top of my toes. Anyway…

These skirts are for playing dress up, are easy on and off with hook and loop tape, and are fully reversible. You can also machine wash them on gentle and tumble dry on low.

Purple Twirl Skirt

Pink Twirly Skirt 1

And the set including puff sleeves!

Pink Twirly Set

It seems that the boys get left out of the loop when it comes to dress up so I’ve made these half circle capes. These are also fully reversable, one side being cotton and the other costume satin, They have been prewashed and could also be machine washed on gentle and pressed with a medium iron. Any ideas for items that would appeal to boys are welcome!

Hero Cape

Magic Cape 1

Finally … CROWNS!!!! These could be for dress up play or a special birthday kid. They are ever so slightly adjustable with hook and loop tape. I love these! If I had more time I’d make tons!

Crown 1

Crown 3

In other news I made this dress and skirt for a trade. I need to get on the ball and make one for my babe since they came out so well!



Look for more to come with my grand re-opening in May!